Monday, 27 July 2015

Flippin' writing competitions!!!

Is it just me? 
This is the second time I've done this: I saw a writing competition and wrote something specially for it - normally I only write what comes to me and i'm hopeless at writing to prompts. But ok- I decided to try it. Then I went back to the website that I was sure had called for the submission, and bugger me! there was no such competition! Even after trawling through all the websites I've saved in my writing and competitions folder, I still couldn't find it. This time I actually wrote it down on a piece of paper by my keyboard where I write down reminders, struggled to write 2 poems on the subject of Space and Aliens for 9-13 year-olds - one I'm quite pleased with and one that is very silly but lots of fun - then, again, went back to the publisher that I'd noted as running the competition, and no sign of it!! I think my brain went to space and got lost somewhere!!!

Anywhere, out of sheer frustration I'm publishing the poems here, lol.  As they are unlikely to see the light of day anywhere else, even if I had remembered who the heck was doing that comp. 
This is the one I'm quite pleased with: 


The sky at night is
I don’t know how to

The stars are beautiful but
forever,         and we’re

How can something
My head won’t

I’d rather feel the stars
Or kind ancestors, smiling

And here's the silly one 


When Humans set off for the planet Zog
At the other end of the Universe,
They accidentally took another bod
Along on the ride in the rocket.
A green, shiny spider with multiple eyes,
And a mark like an H on its back,
Came in, on a cargo of pies,
They’d brought for a special snack.
It made a nest in the back of a sprocket,
And started to lay lots of eggs.
And as they voyaged across billions of miles,
Lots more spiders began to grow big.
They landed on Zog and opened the doors,
And came out into sunshine and air.
A crowd of Zoggans had gathered around
To greet the arrivals and stare.
They thought the Earthlings were really smart,
Green and shiny with marks on their backs.
But when they spoke to them and tried to be friends
They didn’t get one answer back.
Other things came out of the ship,
Large and squishy with things on their heads.
They blundered about and stepped on things, then
The Earthlings began to spin webs.
“That’s very rude!” the Zoggans shouted,
“You can’t just set up in any old place!”
They buzzed and squeaked and raged and pouted,
But the Earthlings just spun webs and ate.
It was all going wrong, the Zoggans were nice,
They tried very hard to be friends,
But the Big Things trod on the Queen’s palace – twice –
And it took them ages to mend.
The Earthlings spun and ate all the food,
Their webs were draped every which way,
And though they were green and shiny and cool,
They had absolutely nothing to say.
And the Big Things had no remote controls,
No-one could switch them off.
Where they’d been walking, nothing was whole,
They broke everything, though they were squishy and soft.
The Zoggans held a meeting and got very cross,
They really wanted to be friends,
“But they keep catching food to scoff,
And their robots are just plain hopeless,” they complained.
Then they saw the Big Squishy Things
Bending right down over them,
With things on their eyes to make stuff look big,
And the Zoggans began to scream.
But one wise old Zoggan said “Hey!
‘I think we’ve been getting this wrong,
‘We thought the people were shiny and green,
‘But it’s really the Big Squishy Things!
‘We wanted them to be like us,
‘With hard outsides and multiple eyes,
‘And they’ve been doing the same to us,
And it’s been a terrible mistake.”
So all the Zoggans ran round in a rush,
And formed themselves into rows,
And as the Humans looked down at them,
They spelled out the word “HELLO.”
So the green shiny ones became cute pets
That everyone wanted to have,
And the Earthlings stopped stepping on things,
And they had a big party and were glad.

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