Monday, 27 July 2015

As part of my attempt to get better at writing poetry to prompts, a tree theme came up at a recent poetry reading in Second Life- so I decided to write a tree poem.  A poet friend of mine, John Lanyon, described how he deals with prompts, by finding what resonates in him with the subject matter, and I found that I had a dear friend who always seems like a wonderful oak tree to me. So here it is: 


You are like an oak,
Your roots sinking deep
Through the rich darkness,
A great toe, seeking the foundations,
Flowing honeyed sunlight
Into solid rock,
A million filaments gathering
From below, to above
Where scented, bee-filled foliage
Breathes and reaches.

Somehow, at summer’s end, the light
Becomes blessed and golden
Filling your so hard-won length
With grace and strength,
Even as the musky sweetness
Of the first yellowing leaf
Drops lightly to the forest floor.

Here's another poem with a tree-sh theme, very much composed in a moment of interaction with another person during a very intense weekend workshop. not sure if it stands up out of context- but I kind of like it anyway. 

Acceptance – poem of a moment

If I allow this into my two
Open arms, to hold
Ever so lightly,
Will it become me? Or not?

Does the tree, in whose branches
The lowering sun expands
And mellows into redness,
Ever own the sun it holds?
Or does the sun’s light turn
Green and liquid in
Those sappy veins,
While the red sun looks on
Wishing it could be in there? 

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  1. Lovely Cath. really lovely. Thanks for sharing it. Anne