Wednesday, 17 June 2015

This isn’t really a poem – it’s just thoughts, notes about what's on the news. But I find thoughts come more easily if I think of them as a poem.

Would you go?
Your life at the cusp
The age when all feels strange
Nowhere is home
And voices cry
They call for help
Maybe I’d go too
Even I feel the pull
It’s not my fight 
But there’s so much need
Children being killed
People fleeing, desperate.
One small push
A voice close in my ear
And I’d go.

So many have gone to war
Our history is all wars
We don’t celebrate the ones who
Stood by and waited
Stayed safe.
Just to do something
Anything, not nothing.
Once you’re there
No need to think
Ever again
Everything falls away
Only one point of focus
Amid the new friendships
They all have a light in their eyes
They’ve all found their way
This is what they were born for.

Wouldn’t you go?  
To fight for right?
Your ancestors sprawled in
That muddy ditch
While shells fell and fell and fell
Wouldn’t you do the same?
For liberty, if not for life.
And a chance – maybe –
To be on the winning side.

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