Sunday, 14 June 2015

I've been in a fallow phase: but just found a first draft of a poem in my notebook. I must have written it a few weeks back.  I'm not much of a one for crafting a poem, it just comes out the way it comes. Maybe one day I'll do a course and find out how to craft, but here it is with a few tweaks. 


They say misery
Is multi-facetted
Infinite in all its variations,
Taxonomically endless.

And happy people are bland,
Like suburbia,
All in their happy, identical homes.

And you would know what misery lurks
Behind that bland façade?
The only clue in the eyes,

It’s a rat-cage,
A mind-maze,

Scurrying round to end up the same.
Always the same place.
Never even seeing the open door
Into the wide open blue.
The map doesn’t lead there. 

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