Thursday, 8 January 2015

I’ve been trying to work on a virtual dance piece with a friend in Second Life on the theme of love. We are looking at all aspects of love, well- the aspects that interest us, as it’s kind of a pretty large subject. I wrote this as potential lyrics to a song that I wanted to end the piece. So far can’t find anyone who is willing to set it to music. 


Refrain A
I know it’s hard,
I know it often fails,
All the times I gave my all
Only to say never again.

Refrain B
But still I believe in love,
Crazy though it seems.
I still believe in an open heart,
Ready to receive.
I won’t let all the hurt
Close me down,
Nor all the times I’ve failed
Make me afraid
To love again.

Verses between the refrains.

All those couples who live half-lives,
The sum of two makes them less.
Rather be half-dead than be alive,
Locked in a zombie embrace.
They’d rather the devil they know
Than the wide-open, unknown world.

We all have it in us,
We need to love.
We need to see those eyes gazing back
So soft and full of trust.
It makes the world come alive,
The wide-open, unknown world.

The child feels safe in her mother’s arms,
Her world is full of love.
She stumbles and falls and learns
The arms are always there.
The lucky ones carry those arms inside
Into the wide-open, unknown world.

The world is full of wounded souls
Who wander, wounding others.
Do you give up on hope, or struggle on?
Or settle for what you’ve always known?
A shadow of the self you could have been,
In the wide-open, unknown world.

Some want to hunt and conquer,
Always wanting someone new.
Some will never venture,
Afraid ever to have what they may lose.
It’s all a game of control and use,
In the wide-open, unknown world.

We all want to have and hold,
We all want someone of our very own.
But the thread between my heart and yours
Is so deep and yet so delicate,
It’s a bridge of air and light between

Two wide-open, unknown worlds. 

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