Saturday, 24 January 2015

A couple more poems on the underground. I read these out at Wolfie's poetry surf in Second Life - they seemed to like them

Am I One of Us?

Seat next to a trans woman,
6 foot 3, grey pony tail and mini skirt.
From the corner of my eye, her
Long, hard scrutiny of me
Turns the tables.
Hanging on the bar at the next stop,
I meet her eyes, amused, questioning.
I receive a careful, secret nod.

London Evening Standard

The carriage is silent.
Paper-wadded quiet.
In one moment they all turn a page
The way birds all take off from the wire.


Every other hand holds a device.
Fingers point and shift, eyes flicker.
In times gone by they'd read a book, or knit,
Or stare at nothing.
My game stops me chewing my finger-nails.

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