Sunday, 29 November 2015

Another child's poem- Elephant

O Elephant, Elephant! You giant of Earth
Your step is mighty, enormous your girth.
When you walk with a mighty thud
You are an earthquake that trembles my blood.

O Little one, Little One! That’s your belief.
To myself I’m as light as a leaf.
I skip lightly, dancing the Earth,
Birds circle my ears and my tusks are curved.

A nose like a tongue that I use like a hand,
I can delicately pick, or mightily slam.
I speak in a voice too low for your ears,
But I am singing the song of the spheres.

I am guardian of the Land, my footprints become lakes,
My grandmothers know the paths I must take.   
My memory’s so long I understand death,
And always mourn the last dying breath.

So, Little One, though you think I am massive,
And heavy and craggy like a big cliff,
That little beetle who walks on the ground
Thinks HE is the biggest thing around. 

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