Friday, 6 March 2015

This is extraordinary!! A friend shared a silly-looking thing on Facebook - you know how it is- you can't resist looking at these posts. This was about looking at your Moon Astrology. It purported to be telling you about the dark and negative aspects of your personality- as opposed to the normal Sun astrology.  I do all these things on Facebook tongue-in-cheek, but this one is such a true statement about where I am in my life -  living with my increasingly frail mother in her last years.
This is a time of asking questions of myself, looking into my relationship with Mum and with the rest of my family and asking myself hard questions.  I chose this task of looking after my mother so that I could re-examine my past, and my relationship with Mum, and from that, find my way forward. This Moon astrology thing seems to sum that up perfectly.

Black Moon Lilith Astrology Sign
Family Rejection, Imagination, Karmic Debts, Emotional
About Your Sign :-
You will embark on a personal journey of discovering yourself and the truth behind your very existence. This may be scary and frightening and you will need to put up a mask of happiness for people around you. You will go back to your family roots, especially your mother asking questions that have never been answered before or may have no answers. You may not be sure of your inclination towards your family, to stay or not to stay. But this does not deter you from performing your duties towards your family. You need to keep your independence intact to be able to fulfill your obligations.

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